Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ray Johnson & A Book About Death

Acataleptic Certainty

Mortal time
Drifting into eternity
Aeviternal soul without skin
© 2010 L.Warren

This is the poem that is mingled in with this image. I purposely wanted it to be muted and set to a low opacity because I wanted the viewer to be drawn to the piece and then discover the words. Don't forget this is a small format 4"x"6 piece and the viewer will be picking it up and interacting with it.

Most people who know me know that I take pictures solely for myself and because I then like to use the images as works of art in collages and poetry work of mine. When I heard about a the recent Ray Johnson & A Book About Death call for submissions, from my artist friend Ella Nitters (who is an amazing illustrator/artist herself) I was elated!

I love concepts that explore the unkown and the darker side of our reality. Death is both a mystery to us as it is a reality for us. We all have it in common. Personally I find the concept of death to be beautiful and frightening. I know I fear death because it is beyond my control and because it is a mystery. It is the fear of not knowing more so than it is the idea of "death" that scares me so.

I find death to be beautiful because it is a natural part of life. I truly believe that there is something magically and unexplainable that exists beyond our knowledge and comprehension. Whether or not that is God or more, we will never know, until it is our turn to experience it. But there is something more to dying that just dying, of that I am sure.