Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shadow Horse Studios LLC's First Ever Digital Painting Video Tutorial Part II

I just wanted to give another brief update on some the things I am planning to have available for my customers, students, and clients in the upcoming future. I have been diligently learning the ropes of a new video program that will allow me to create online teaching workshops directly from my website. It is my plan at this time to offer Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, Prisma Colored Pencil, and watercolor/ink tutorials to start with.

Digital art is what I am mostly known for in the illustration world that I market myself for (equestrian and fantasy focus). My Prisma Colored Pencil and Watercolors/Inks works are what my collectors are really "digging" right now. I often get a lot of requests to teach my techniques and so I have decided that offering online workshops will be highly beneficial for me and potential students!

The first workshop I am working is an Adobe Photoshop Tutorial with a sketch of an Andalusian stallion that will be downloadable for all who sign up for the tutorial, which they will use to follow along with the tutorial step by step!

Sneak Peak of things to come

The Sketch We Will Start With

What the Finished Product will Look Like...

It is my hope to teach those of you interested in Digital Art all the tips and tricks of creating TRUE original digital painting WITHOUT cheating and using cloning and smudging on photographs!

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