Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015 {all wrapped up}

It’s the end of January, the skies unloaded a decent amount of snow in the last two weeks and yet, I am already missing warmer days. From where I sit I can hear the wind’s tantrum across the landscape. Howling through the boughs on trees and against my wind chimes on the front porch, even my door seems to be buckling against its might.

In this early hour it is quiet. My toddler is fast asleep and I am able to wrap my head around all the thoughts I have and purge them into written word. This feels good. It satiates my hunger for creative release. Sometimes, being an artist is a torturous thing in and of its self, more so on the days I am stifled and unable to disappear into my studio- sadly, those days are more numerous than they have ever been.

I am staying positive and not falling back on those dark thoughts at this time. My goal here, right now is, is to recap my January here at Shadow Horse Studios, LLC.  One major change that you may have already noticed was the site revamp. The second, a name change of my photography subsidiary. I am no longer operating under the name Glass Eyed Pony Photography, but instead, Lyndsey Warren Photography.

Why the name change? The oversaturated equine photography market and that fact that Glass Eyed Pony Photography was a name many in the wedding industry didn’t understand. By the way, a glass eyed horse is a horse with a blue eye and not actually a glass eye!

My current wedding pricelist can be see at Lyndsey Warren Photography 2015 Pricing Guide.

The name change allows me to focus exclusively on wedding photography while I am able to return full time to my commercial art and design during the week. Another change: I am also returning to teaching! I am accepting a limited amount of private lessons, pre K through adult, everything from fine art, design, and photography. I am certified and licensed to teach in VA and MD. My focus with children is on homeschoolers in Loudoun County.  More information will be made available through my website and additional media sources as I move towards accepting more students.
In Progress Example
Where my design is concerned, I have a new partial web client! Rock’N’Horse Fitness! Rock’N’Horse fitness is a Pilates and fitness program that focuses on equestrians. The business was conceptualized by Robing Kockler, PMA-CPT Mind/Body Director Sport & Health at Regency and Rock’N’Horse Fitness. Site will be live once domain transfer is complete from the originating host.
A partial web client is a client who opted for a design package that only includes design and minimal support. In other words, I am doing the design and layout of her website, which includes the imagery and support, when needed. Robin is going to learn how to maintain and update it herself while I am there as support. I also included in her custom package a brand new logo and I really love this one!

A full web client is someone I take on entirely. Which means, I design their page, I create the social media pages, the blogger platform, the imagery, and client is subscribed to monthly services and maintenance. The domain and web design and marketing is maintained by me. If you’re interested in web design and marketing please contact me for pricing!

Now, let’s talk about one of my New Year’s resolutions! No, I am not talking about health or fitness, though I should be, and believe me, those too are goals of mine, but typically, those are the same goals every year since I hit 25. No, this resolution is about supporting creative professionals and small businesses as a whole.

Each month I plan on showcasing a creative professional I have purchased from. I am making it a priority to support a creative professional each month. This month I will showcase a fabulous jewelry maker I found on Etsy. Blücha from Cottered, England, United Kingdom, who specializes in vintage style jewels, handcrafted with vintage glass rhinestones. Her work is inspired by Downton Abbey & jewels from bygone eras ~ as featured in Feb 2015 Make & Sell Jewellery Magazine!

I purchased this lovely Dandelion Seed Necklace, Make a Wish Good Luck Charm,Real Dandelion Glass Pendant. All images taken with my iPhone 4s.

The pride she has in what she does is evident in the way she packages her items! CUTE as a button!

Even inside everything is all nicely and carefully bundled!
I have a secret love affair with the Taraxacum and their pappas clad achenes! I wrote a poem the year before my son was born.

Common Dandelion
I want to be free like a weed-
A floret from taraxacum parachute ball released to breeze
A bright future nourished from a promising seed,
Land where I want to, taking root where I please.
This is the way I would like my life to be-
No worries not troubles, just a wild weed
In the moment living free
No constraints and my own creed.

When I saw this necklace, I knew I had to have it!

Again, take note of the packaging! Simply stunning!

If you are in love with vintage era things, especially jewelry, then check Blucha's Etsy store!

~January 2015, is a wrap!

Lyndsey Warren
Shadow Horse Studios, LLC


Erika Price said...

Oh Lyndsey, thank you so much for your lovely comments about my necklace - I'm so glad you liked it!

Erika Price said...
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Urban Pearl Studio said...

I am familiar with Blucha's wonderful jewelry line. Such talent!!

Keystring said...

Blucha has beautiful jewelry!

Michele said...

It's such a pleasure when someone's likes what they purchase but it's a honor when they do a lovely post about it, Lovely shop & jewelry!!

Jean Sandell said...

Such a lovely necklace!!!!

capitalcitycrafts said...

Interesting story, what a perfect necklace you found!

Tracy said...

love that necklace!

Mollie Ann said...

A lovely updated style for your fabulous blog, a beautifully written post, and (oh!) that perfectly gorgeous necklace by Blucha!

Gloria Flynn - EarthEnergyGemstones said...

Thoroughly love that beautiful glass necklace by Blucha! What an amazing heirloom that would make!

MadeByTammy said...

I love that necklace, beautiful!

SendingLoveGallery said...

So nice when you love what you purchased, and I can see why! Thanks for sharing with us about Blucha :)

jemsbyjb said...

Lovely to hear about your love of your purchase! Erika's shop is filled with beautiful jewelry.

WanderingJewel said...

Lovely necklace!

jacob20martin said...

Wow! Yeah Blucha has beautiful necklace! I like your jewellery selection and it look marvellous on you. I am also planning my wedding and wondering professional event planner for all the arrangements. Can you please help me? I am really in need!