Friday, October 26, 2012

Medieval Maiden

Today was an extremely fun shoot! Now that Connor has been accepted into a Montessori Nursery program I have slightly more time on my hands and I am able to accept more photography work and artwork. I have slowly been decreasing the amount of commercial work I accept so that I can shift my focus back to my photography and fine art/digital art pursuits.

This shoot took place in Maryland, and well, in all honesty, I didn't get the name of the farm we were at, but if I remember correctly we were in Jefferson, Maryland. The client was Katey Wenner and her Arab/TB cross Carleigh. What a beautiful horse Carleigh is too! She is quite big for being part Arab too and a real sweetheart. She put up with my demands as a photographer quite well, only voiced her opinion a few times.

Initially this shoot was suppose to take place at the civil war ruins at my place, however poor Katey arrived at her barn to get Carleigh loaded and found that the trailer had a flat tire. Instead of cancelling, since storm Sandy is threatening the upcoming days with wind and rain, we moved the shoot to her barn. While I had been looking forward to shooting in the ruins, the locations Katey chose at her place, were AMAZING.

I have more Faerie-Tails sessions coming up and can't wait to share those images! In all honesty, I have so many photos from various sessions to work on and upload that I sometimes wish I had a clone, a robot, or an army to help with the processing :)

I will also be selling outtakes from this session as stock for artists (traditional and digital) from my online store. The online store, now that I have mentioned it, is a work in progress, a work of love and devotion, and one that requires a lot of patience. In due time, in due time, all hard work pays off in the end!

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Here is a little sneak peek if a two images from the session:
Daylight Magic

Faerie-Magic- tinkering and playing around with special effects.

Dusk Version

Cantering Up to the Camera. Was a darker day and normally if I have an assistant with me, I bring tripods, timers, and lighting, diffusers, etc. But this day was just Katey, me, her horse, and a lot of hiking, so I opted for just two cameras and a step ladder and mildly tolerate the slight motion blurs, which play into the concept overall. So I can live with it.
More images from this session will be up shortly on the GEPP Facebook Fan Page!

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Anonymous said...

Lyndsey's "Medieval Maiden" is the type of photo that reveals the artist's heart. Those "occult" images (that's right,Imagination) that make you think: "That's what I'm looking for."

I am.

And will as soon as they call my number. Think: last scene in "Beetlejuice";)