Tuesday, November 30, 2010


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Monday, November 22, 2010

Fairytale Wedding: Charles and Brittani November 20, 2010

I absolutely loved having the opportunity to photograph such an extraordinary fairytale wedding. Brittani Benedict wore an amazing smile and used it non-stop throughout the day, not once did I have to remind her to smile in any of her pictures! The day was beautiful and the location, Raspberry Plains in Leesburg, stunning with tons of windows and natural lighting, just what I love! I was able to play around a lot with diffused light and shadow which was wonderful.

I have known Brittani Benedict's mother, Jodi, since I first moved to Virginia and began working at the same elementary school, where Jodi taught Kindergarten. I designed Brittani's sister, Brandi's webpage, Sonrise Stables back in 2007. The Benedict family is a warm, loving, honest, and compassionate family, this is very evident even in the photographs I captured of them. I am so grateful they considered me for their wedding!

I took about 2700 photos and have narrowed my selection down to a large 840! I am posting a few samples from the day here for a sneak peek! I am now processing my chosen images and getting them ready for the proof process via my website! Stay tuned!

I love good clean natural photography, I feel that the digital age has allowed many photographers to rely too heavily on photoshop and computer manipulation and this is evident in the over-processed images you are seeing flood the market today. Many of today's digital photographers need to spend some time learning the basics and get an understanding of how their camera's work as well as the lenses. I consider myself lucky to have minored in photography and studied it in a time when film camera was the only option. I was taught how to see!

Please enjoy some samples from Brittani's and Charle's special day...