Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Coming Together

My studio is finally done to the point where I can actually start working in it and this makes me so incredibly happy! The doors leading from the studio and into my husbands office need to be custom built due to the odd size of the doorway openings and my computer cabinet needs to be refinished before it can be moved in, but other than that, I am all set to go.

I grossly under estimated how long it was going to take. Once my son made his appearance into the world everything else took a backseat, but that's okay, he was well worth it!Now Connor has a small portion of my studio where his pack and play and his blanket go while I work. I feel so blessed being able to work with my son right by my side.

The first week of August found me in Dayton Ohio for my brother's wedding. Initially I was supposed to be in the wedding myself, but he and his fiance were on a really tight budget and he was saddened when he saw that a photographer nearly cost more than half his entire budget. I thought it would be better for me to give him my services as a gift. I really didn't want to have to squeeze my post pregnancy body into a dress anyways.

I couldn't have been happier as the wedding took place outside outside at the Cox Metropark Arboretum in Dayton Ohio! I was elated to be able to give my brother this gift as well as be able to use it as a portfolio building experience.