Friday, September 30, 2011

Facebook First Giveaway

I have a bone to pick with those contemporary art shows that do not hold digital art categories. These shows are to me, not only antiquated, but are demonstrating a closed-minded attitude -which is an incomprehensible abberrant behavior to be practicing in the world of art. Luckily such shows are becoming far a few between. Times are changing and all medias used to make art, should in fact, be allowed.

There are some of us who remember the times when artwork generated from photo references where "snubbed" and more recently the pictures taken with digital cameras. Computers are only the next step of progression in the art world and technology isn't going away any time soon. So let us all live in the present! For those of you who still do not understand digital art and painting created using such programs as Corel Painter or Adobe Photoshop, please just type in "digital" painting in your next google search and please do not confuse "photomanipulatoin" with digital painting.

I am also creating a new piece for the first ever Shadow Horse Studios LLC print giveaway. This piece is a digital equestrian themed piece but I will be offering wildlife, landscapes, seascapes, fantasy, as well as traditional made artworks in future giveaways as I realize that not all of my fans are here for my "horse art" or my digial art but my other art as well!

Like always, my print comes with a certificate of authenticity and all my Giclee prints are created on archival Somerset Velvet or Archival Canvas. My first giveaway will be on Somerset Velvet. I will be posting more information on this giveaway in the next couple of days but for now I will share the sequence development of the artwork! You must "like" my fan page to take part in my giveaway.

Here are the first few stages

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Justin and Allison August 6 2011

My recent wedding shoot assignment-The Wedding of Justin Pool and Allison Evans in Dayton Ohio at the Cox Arboretum Metropark.