Friday, February 17, 2012

Getting It Together

I have been busy managing my workload this week. I often cannot fathom how other work at home moms have time to balance a full time business from their home and manage blogging as much as they do, unless of course, they limit the amount of work they take on. But rest assured I will be focusing on this blog and my photography blog in upcoming weeks.

I will have giveaways at both blogs as well as tips and other useful information for everyone, not limited to just fine art/illustration/photography.

I encourage anyone with specific questions about how I organize my time, run my business, and methods I use to create my art to contact me. I will try to address what I can when I have a chance!

Thanks for being patient!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hoofbeats and Heartbeats Charity Art Auction

Send your raffle entry payments directly to the Second Wind Adoption Program at Crossed Sabers through their Buyer Portal

All of your donations will go DIRECTLY to Second Wind Adoption. Each dollar buys you one entry into the raffle. Your name will be sent directly to me when you enter and added to our pool here. At the end of February a winner will be announced on the Shadow Horse Studios LLC Facebook Fanpage Wall. The winner will also be contacted via private message as well. At that time I will ask you for your mailing address! Thank you so much for participating and take heart in knowing that all money earned goes towards helping animals who truly need it!

If you feel more comfortable using paypal for your donation then please send it directly to my email as Second Wind Adoption does not utilize Paypal If you choose to use Paypal please send your payment with a note stating that it is "raffle" money so I know what the payment is for, also include your full name , email and regular address! Thanks.
Here is the Buyer Portal link again!