Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why, Too Many

She looks away; the realization that aching and longing are the same. The something is as unknown as time.

An image begins as a poetic thought…capturing that is hard. I try but I fail. One day…one day.

Why, Too Many
I have questions-
One too many…
They begin with why
and other words thereafter
tag along for the ride.

Outside my window
is a hot morning in grey-
refreshing promise
of rain later today.

The aster and yarrow swelter
and melt, like spent lovers
under hot sheets-
and passion’s raw heat.

The meadow’s shadows shift,
dancing upon the breeze,
a kaleidoscope of shade and colors
falling where they please.

Why do aching and longing
feel entirely the same?
Why do I miss something?
It’s a realization- I cannot tame.

I wait and ache in the way
the bird taking wing
and the blossom in pink
anticipate the coming spring.

Why can I not find it?
Why do I not know what it is?
Why do I miss it?
Why? Why? Why? Why?